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Driver installation:
Insert the Driver CD into CD ROM / DVD ROM, click "Setup.exe" to start the installation. All the procedure is automatic, and you can click "Next" until restarting the computer.

Once the installation is complete, you can configure the Wireless USB Adapter to a wireless router. The wireless client will operate automatically after the computer is restarted, and you'll also find a icon at the lower right corner in the desktop of Windows system.

Supported Operating System: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Linux, Mac.

     1.   Right click the wireless icon and select
"Open Config Utility"
2.   The configuration utility will scan for wireless networks within range.. Click "Refresh" to refresh the list of available wireless networks. To join a particular network that displays, select it and click "Add to Profile" (Please input the correct password if required).

BT3 Wireless Router Password Search and Operation
Preparation: Adjust PC/Notebook's initial boot device from CD/DVD ROM. (If the initial device is USB, do the right setting accordingly). Please refer to Motherboard manual. Most of the present PCs/Notebooks' default setting is CD/DVD ROM initialization. Maybe there will be no need to set manually.

    1.   Insert BT3 CD into CD/DVD ROM, Restart PC/Notebook. The default setting is to enter Linux by the first item BT3 Graphics mode (KDE). If no choice is made, it will enter the system automatically in 30 seconds. Then please wait for 1-3 minutes, seeing on the screen. When BT3 is opened, you can operation as follows.

     A   Click the 2nd icon on the lower left corner to open the window. Insert spoonwep and press "Enter" to pop out spoonwep2: (As is shown in the following picture)     

  NET CARD: Choose WLAN 0

     Click Shift to 

     B   Click the Drop-Down Menu on the upper left corner and choose CHAN HOPPING (Full frequency scanning), and click [Launch] on the upper right corner (which turns into "ABORT" afterwards). The scanning information can be seen in about 20 seconds.     

  ESSID:Router's Broadcasting Name
  MAC:Router's MAC Address
  CHAN:Router's frequency
  POW:Router Sugnals Intensity
  DATA:(Attention: It's better for users to try when the router's DATA is not "0", since the cracking under 0 DATA is impossible.)
  CLIS:Black means there is no client; and the marked means there is certain client. Click the target wireless router, and click to shift to "ATTACK PANEL"

     C   The first Drop-Down menu has 4 Options (the last 3 options are used for Clientless Attacking Mode)     

  P0841 REPLAY ATTACK   (Third choice)
  CHOPCHOP & FORGE ATTACK   (Second choice)

  The 2nd Drop-Down menu has 3 options
  ???LENGTH (CR.AT 10000IVS): (Best choice, no encryption)
  128 BITS LENGTH (CR.AT 10000IVS): (Third choice, 128 bit encryption)
  65 BITS LENGTH (CR.AT 10000IVS): (Second choice, 64 bit encryption)

  Inj Rate (PACKAGE Number per second) on the left of the two drop-down menus has a default of 600.

   Click [LAUNCH] to start cracking. The cracking speed depends on the wireless signals intensity. The stronger the signal is, the quicker the speed is. In the following are examples of attacking the routers with the most common one FAST.

Note: There are more chances for client mode than clientless mode.

Choose the router to be attacked, the lefal clients connected to the router will be seen. Choose one client with high power and packets. Click SELECTION OK to shift to ATTACK PANEL, and choose ARP REPLAY ATTACK, then click LAUNCH/ Then the operation is automatic untill WEP Key, and the red-colored numvers right to WEP KEY is the password for accessing wireless router under Windows without inserting the colons.

Precautions: The BT3 System must be operated under Linux. We give you a CD of LInux System with the tool. But some PCs/Notebooks may not support BT3 starting. Inthis case, it is suggest to try on another computer, or with Virtual Machine which can be downloaded from Internet by users.